Why We Love SMS Software (And You Should, Too!)

Evolution of Short Message software 2017

For the past ten years, the CANNY team has been preaching the gospel of bulk sms marketing We saw a fundamental shift in the way that customer found and evaluated our bulk sms products and services. Pushing out sms through traditional channels had stopped working and successful business had to get found by their customers.

CANNY INFOTECH original mission was to build a killer online message(msg) software marketing system that empowered our customers to get found online and generate more leads. Daily our customers generated over [vslmd_highlight mode=”highlight-text”]10,000+ leads[/vslmd_highlight] per day using our bulk sms PC Software.

Over time, our customers have started asking, “what the heck are we are we supposed to do with all these leads?” This is good problem to have. As a response, almost few years ago, we built [vslmd_highlight mode=”highlight-text”]EXCEL PLUGIN SMS MARKETING SOFTWARE and HTTP BULK SMS API Software.[/vslmd_highlight] these innovative software helped customers to follow up easily and close more deals on their sales part, also it allowed organisations to send personalized notifications without any hassle. Our [vslmd_highlight mode=”highlight-text”]Desktop Web Based Software[/vslmd_highlight]  you can send bulk sms by using excel import or directly copy paste mobile numbers.

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Excel SMS Plugin

As a marketer, your contact database is everything. Your leads, your customers, this is the community you market to. For too many marketers this information is stored in separate excel sheets.

CANNY INFOTECH makes it easy to import your existing database(s), along with all your custom fields or you can directly install our excel SMS plugin software to any Microsoft Office Excel in Windows Operating System.

Canny infotech SMS Blast excel plugin software lets you customize your sms text , and sender with any custom field from your marketing database.


Import and Integration with Existing Databases


If you’re developer-minded, you can also sync your marketing database with an external system or CRM through our robust HTTP API SMS software. We provide sample coding on the  following languages as part of your api integration

  4. C#.net & ASP.net api CODE

As part of helping developers we provide sample code.  Our API is very simple and very effective . you can call 500 calls per minute on our API. This allows you to send bulk Messages. Many eCommerce companies use our API for OTP ( One time Password ) Generation purpose


How WEB Based SMS helps business


Web Based Software helps us to send a million of Bulk SMS Text messages via web browser. Our Web based SMS software works in all browser such us Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Our Server Capacity to handle 25 million messages per day. This helps our customers to get more leads.

Our SMS Software Features

  1. Unicode SMS
  2. Live Delivery Report
  3. Excel Import
  4. Address Book
  5. Sending Bulk Message
  6. Birthday Reminder
  7. Anniversary Reminder
  • Marriage Invitation Alerts

    Marriage people prepare a big list of Guest list in excel sheet. They remind their relatives venue location via SMS. Using our excel plugin its done very easil

  • Schools Result Announcement

    In Every  School they have a lots of excel sheet to announce results. you can send customized sms by using our excel plugin to announce results in seconds.

  • Distributor Payment Alerts

    All Distributors they prepare lots of excel sheet for stocks and Payment pending from vendors. they can easily use excel plugin to send messages without any much effort

  • School Software

    In all School ERP application our API is directly integrated to send a reminder of student absence and daily Home work details.

  • ERP Software

    In All ERP software they integrate our SMS API to send invoice, dispatch details and Payment reminder to Customers. It really help company accounting team to followup payments

  • Billing and Restaurant Software

    In Billing and Restaurant software whenever there is a bill made thanks message goes to customer. Restaurant software they send a sms coupon to their customers

  • Real Estate

    All Real Estate companies uses our Web based software to do Bulk Promotions. They send daily 100k sms to get more leads.

  • Education Consultants

    All education consultants send sms to students for coaching classes and foreign education studying. this helps them to get more leads.

  • Jewelers

    They send Bulk Message to people who are all living near their locality. This helps them to get more customer visiting their shops frequently. They send SMS coupons to millions of people using our web based sms software