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Voice SMS is the main revenue source for some operators. it’s miles a brand new short messaging service, which instead of text or pictures makes use of voice for passing the message.With Voice SMS you get the freedom of expression (emotions, language, and message duration). Canny Infotech helps you to send these voice messages in the form of audio files, which are sent to the recipients.

There are no investment costs for the operator as the business model is based on revenue share. This service is automatically provisioned to all subscribers and it is hosted by an external partner.

The service is very easy to use for the subscribers compared to that of SMS. Voice SMS also adds an emotional aspect to messaging.

Voice SMS affords convenient and easy to apply messaging options for our customers and has also ended up very famous nowadays.It is useful for sending voice alerts to a group of people as a bulk call facility on your mobile.  Call us on 080-22228441

Free Demo Visit http://voicesms.cannyinfotech.com

Our Voice SMS Prices

 1000       – 49,999 – 0.30 paisa per voice call

50,000    – 99,999 – 0.25 paisa per voice call

100,000 and above -0.20 paisa per voice call