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Two Way SMS Short Code

TWO WAY SMS allows you to receive SMS, along with sending SMS. This helps you to have complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. As per your need you can even modify, alter or delete these messages.

A convenient way provided for a mobile user to text into a campaign using a memorable 5 digit number is the SMS short codes. A standard premium rate can be charged for either receiving or sending a message to the mobile recipient. This tendency is used in return for content or a service such as for competitions, TV and radio advertising, promotions, direct mail and news. The short code is planned in a way to be more memorable and shorter than a standard number. A reply is sent back to the customer with your message or content instantly.

The reason why Short code SMS is used is because it is the perfect device to interact and communicate with the customers. There are some of the key benefits of using short codes such as:

  • Enquires come from interested customers
  • Short codes are easy to remember compared to long phone numbers
  • Immediate call to action – the consumer can respond back straight away before the moment has passed
  • 75% of mobile phone users use SMS text messaging as a form of communication
  • Ability to capture valuable customer data
  • Up sell products and services via promotions
  • Engage customers to the point of purchase
  • Increase brand awareness