Our Bulk sms  service Features 

We are expert in this field over 10 years.our SMS Software features is the best for sending bulk messages that provides a complete set of features that allow you to easily manage every aspect of an sms marketing campaign.

Web Based Sms service Features

This features allows you to develop your business and also used for web based Feature development.

Web Bulk Sms Campaign

From Mobile Phone or desktop you can use this features to login and send Bulk Messaging from our Web Application Software features. This features called Opt SMS in our SMS Software features. You can store any number of groups or addressbook to send sms campaign from this feature.

Smart Sms

This is ultimate user friendly features that helps you to track how many users visited your website link which you mention in SMS Campaign, it gives you complete report of how many times user visited from which mobile number. This we can call as Retarget SMS Campaign Features like we do Google ads . You can retarget your audience with this features.

Bulk Sms

Bulk SMS features allows you to send millions of sms in a single click. Our high capacity Server and Connectivity with Operator allows you to send bulk SMS features.Its not a matter how much SMS you are sending, it can be thousands or millions. You can personalize each SMS with the receiver’s name, company, place, address etc… that will increase your inbox delivery and excite your subscriber and give you more sales.

Real Time Dashboard

Create an account to get an API Key and get setup in less than 3 minutes with our standard SMTP configuration or use our API features and fully integrate our tools into your website or app.

Our Sms Application Features

You can use our sms application for your best experience ,our work for you is always best and your need is fulfilled with from our side.

List Of Creation Contacts And Groups

You can create unlimited number of sms groups and unlimited number of contacts under each sms list, you can categories your list based on place, nature of business etc… with the excel importing option you can import data easily to our bulk sms  marketing software features.


Delivered Report

A sent sms is not always a delivered SMS. … Our Web Software features comes with a delivery notification system that tracks down your sms delivery rate) in real-time, with useful information about bounces, queued sms features and spam complaints. This helps you to reduce the failed sms ratio.

Black List

The built-in sms suppression tool allows you to keep lists a list of contacts who shouldn’t (and won’t) be sent your sms Features under any circumstance.  This is separate features where you have to input blacklist numbers separately .  whenever you send bulk campaign our system ignore blacklist contacts.

Scheduled Sms

You can create and schedule sms campaigns in advance for future dates, it can be weeks, months or years. When the day come our bulk sms software features  automatically send the sms  to the specified bulk sms lists.

Sender ID

The sender id is used in the text message.When you have received  an sms from your friend his/her number is saved in your mobile But when you received an sms features from an number the sender id is used to identify by their sender id that is 6 digit brand. You can read our Ultimate Guide on Sender id here. This gives explanation of How Sender id used in india regulated by TRAI.

Unicode Sms

Unicode SMS is a features allow you to send sms in your local language .

 Bulk Sms service  Features 


Our Http and XML API () helps you to integrate your application with Android , Iphone Mobile App or integrating with any Software features Application which is developed on Java, JSP,PHP,.NET or C# etc, Using our API you can integrate SMS Sending capability in 20 minutes of time. We Provide one to one help for SMS API Programming Software features integration.

Excel Software Sms

You can install our sms application in excel sheet, using this you can send customized sms directly from excel sheet. This requires internet connection in your system.

PowerFul Reporting

The report of an sms campaign you can download whenever you want and the full history of an every client is always available in your account. There is beautifully graph based report available on dashboard which gives summary of your sms delivery. Apart from this you can download report datewise, Sender id wise, Mobile number wise Also.

Our Features  Service and  support

Sms Consulting

We are working with an many clients all over india and have an good relationship with them. Last 10 years we have done lots of Bulk SMS features Campaigns for various customers across india on various business promotions. We have vast knowledge about how sms campaign features works what type of audience and what time it works, we provide one to one campaigns Features consultation for your business needs.

Customer Support

Our Support team is always at your service, 24/7. The support for our customer can engage directly.

Live Help

Our support team is always available for you.you can ask any doubt about your sotware features.

Advanced Web Sms Features Services


Balance Reminders

In our panel features there is an balance reminders once the client balance is low or going to expiry it will inform it before by balance reminders in advance. No need to worry about sms account balance become 0. This is not provider by many sms features vendors india.

Sms Database

   Our system features allow you to target your customer from various industry using our platform. You can select any type of category and shoot the bulk sms features campaign, there is no addition cost for availing this service feature from us. We have huge collection of subscriber opted for SMS  features Campaign.

Missed Call Service

A missed call is the fastest way to know what your customer wants. Use that the  missed call solutions is best to run missed call campaigns for your business and increase the number of leads by up to 80%.


Those companies who buy Bulk Sms features  from the Aggregators and again sell in the market are called Resellers. They are called Resellers because the re-sale the Bulk Sms features A resellers buys Sms credits in Bulk sms features and sells them in smaller batches to their customers.


Birthday Reminder , Anniversary reminder is also available in our panel.


Url Shortening

This sms  features in our system allows you to reduce sms characters in your sms features campaign allows you to save lot of money on sms credits. We use our own domain name lnk.nz this is common name for all our clients so no one will know who is the owner this domain, whenever someone clicks this url It will redirect to your own domain name.

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