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MMS is the abbreviation for Multimedia Messaging Service, which is a step ahead of simple SMS text messaging. MMS helps to send images, audio, text, video and combinations of these elements, which allows personalized multimedia content and also delivers a total communication experience. MMS allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers.

Multiple media can be sent in a single message, which is an important emerging service provided by Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). It also has the ability to send messages to multiple recipients. A Multimedia message can be easily created by either using both images and sounds, which have been stored previously in the phone or can also, download it from the website.

The Multimedia Messages will be stored even if the phone of the recipient is switched off and will be sent once they switch on their phone. The recipient can view MMS through Internet based on the SMS notification they get if they have not subscribed to the MMS service. A number of Multimedia Messages can be stored in the user’s handset and reviewed or forwarded at a later date.For pricing and other details email

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