# No 1 Missed Call Service Provider India

What is missed call service in India?

Missed call Alert in Asian nation is wide used for Lead Generation Service. this is often a really helpful service to the tip users that is craving for some info or alternative. Its a recent trend that almost all widespread banks currently started victimisation uncomprehensible decision service for Balance enquiries. A Toll Free range (10 Digit mobile number) is given that once dialed by the user gets registered and may be viewed on-line instantly. If needed associatecar Reply SMS may be designed and  sent to the decisioner thanking him for line and informing him that we’ve registered his range and one amongst our govt can call him back shortly to grasp his needs / considerations. this fashion Caller don’t pay any line fee and Company victimisation our Services receives his contact instantly. this could be employed in wide areas like Lead Generation, Lead Verification, Offline & on-line Registration & range Verification, Feedback, Voting, Polling far more.

What are missed call features?

  • Save Running Cost upto 90%
  • Real time Call Forwarding with API’s
  • Web based Call Reporting
  • Set Auto SMS, Email’s
  • Powerful API’s for getting Real Time Data’s
  • Real time Call Back using our Call Conferencing Service
  • Fully Customizable as per your requirements

    What Can A Business Do With A Missed Call?

Lead Capture – Marketers whoever advertise across mediums still notice a challenge to evaluate ROI’s. uncomprehensible calls facilitate to capture 100% of the leads coming back from across totally different mediums which permit businesses to form strategic and price effective choices.Survey/Feedbacks -Businesses will get real time feedback on client expertise on service/product and if needed alerts may be engineered on SLA’s and action may be taken. The surveys/ feedback may be within the language of selection by brands .New user activations – Generate interest and find new users engaged with the brands via totally different varieties of campaignsRun Contests – Incentivize users / target market to have interaction with the completeContent on Demand -Bring content on demand to users on data like facilitate material, new offers, new merchandise etcNumber Verification – Missed decision service is employed by businesses for variety verification and for giving elaborated data. Ecommerce firms use uncomprehensible decision service before confirming money on delivery order, retail firms use it offer any data like current balance standing.Polling – Using uncomprehensible decision campaign you’ll be able to do live poll campaignsContent on Demand -Bring content on demand to users on data like facilitate material, new offers, new merchandise etc.

How Missed call Service works?

Customers gives missed call to promoted number (Product, TV, Social media, papers etc.) Each missed call is recorded in a database of prospect customer. Companies use the database to authenticate, advertise or engage with them. And incentivize them with options like – free talktime, free content(audio songs), vouchers etc.

How Easy way to get updates using MissedCall Service?

Missed call marketing campaigns are one the easiest ways to give you customers updates. Missed call is usually followed by an SMS alert with the information requested.One industry that has done this perfectly is banking.Missed call services are now the best way </a>to find out details like account balance, mini statement of your account etc.Another fine example of missed call marketing is seen in E-commerce companies which have missed call numbers that allow the customers to find out the status of their delivery.

How Missed call software helps in Customer verification?

While OTP is the most common method employed for customer verification, missed call alert is a better alternative. When a customer signs up for an Exotel account, we ask them to verify their phone number by giving a missed to a mobile number. This is an important step in our case because if the phone number is incorrect, the customer will be unable to use Exotel.

What is Agrostar in Missed Call?

Agrostar could be a mobile-commerce platform through that farmers will procure material by giving an easy lostdecision.
.For a farmer, the easiest mode of communication is a phone call. Most of them have feature phones with no access to the internet. So, Agrostar capitalised on what was available to them – a missed call.Farmers who want to procure raw materials can give Agrostar a missed call. Once a farmer gives a missed call, Agrostar’s executives speak to the farmer to understand what raw material they need and then arrange for the door delivery of these materials.

How Missed call is used for Garner support for NGOs?

Missed call is a straightforward manner for NGOs to garner support for his or her cause.The campaign to mobilize the voters of Bengaluru started with a uncomprehensible decision selling campaign created by Jhatkaa.org mistreatment Exotel’s platform on twenty first Sept 2016. People could give a missed call to register their support. So far, they have managed to garner the support of nearly 140,000 people. More than 90% of these people have used the missed call number to express their support.

How missed calls used in Drive downloads?

Missed calls are also a good way to drive app downloads. When you’re doing offline advertisements, the call the action can be to give a missed call to a number to download the app. Once a person gives a missed call on the number, they will receive an SMS with the link to download the app. Thereby, it eliminates the extra step that the users need to do – search, look for the right app etc.

How Missed call is used for Feedback?

It is important to complete the feedback loop with your customers. Missed call marketing campaigns are an easy way to do this.
Practo does this really well. Every time you book a doctor’s appointment via their platform, they send you an sms to gather feedback. When you give a missed call on the number mentioned, it gets recorded as your feedback for the doctor on their platform.

How Missed call is used in cash on delivery confirmation?

Another slightly different way ecommerce companies use this is for confirmation. Especially in the case of cash on delivery (COD) orders. They send their customer an SMS with a number on which they can give a missed call to confirm the COD order.
This simple step helps them save their operational losses up to 80%.