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SMS CreditsPrice / SMSSMS PriceGST Tax (18%)Total PriceBuy Now
100000.18Rs. 18000Rs. 324Rs. 2124
250000.14Rs. 3500Rs. 630Rs. 4130
500000.13Rs. 6500Rs. 1170Rs. 7670
1000000.12Rs. 12000Rs. 2160Rs. 14160
2000000.11Rs. 22000Rs. 3960Rs. 25960
5000000.10Rs. 50000Rs. 9000Rs. 59000


SMS CreditsPrice / SMSSMS PriceGST Tax (18%)Total PriceBuy Now
250000.12Rs. 3000Rs. 540Rs. 3540
500000.11Rs. 5500Rs. 990Rs. 6490
1000000.09Rs. 90000Rs. 1800Rs. 11800
2000000.095Rs. 19000Rs. 3420Rs. 22420
5000000.090Rs. 45000Rs. 8100Rs. 53100
10000000.08Rs. 80000Rs. 15300Rs. 100300


SMS CreditsPrice / SMSSMS PriceBuy Now
100025.0 PaisaRs. 250
200025.0 PaisaRs. 500
500025.0 PaisaRs. 1250
1000025.0 PaisaRs. 2500
2500022.5 PaisaRs. 5625
5000019.0 PaisaRs. 9500
10000017.0 PaisaRs. 17000
25000016.0 PaisaRs. 40000
50000015.0 PaisaRs. 75000
100000014.5 PaisaRs. 145000


SMS CreditsPrice / SMSSMS PriceGST Tax (18%)Total PriceBuy Now
50000.12Rs. 3000Rs. 540Rs. 3540
100000.11Rs. 5500Rs. 990Rs. 6490
250000.09Rs. 90000Rs. 1800Rs. 11800
500000.095Rs. 19000Rs. 3420Rs. 22420
1000000.090Rs. 45000Rs. 8100Rs. 53100


ContractSetupSMS PriceGST Tax (18%)Total PriceBuy Now
1 MonthFreeRs. 3000Rs. 540Rs. 3540
3 MonthFreeRs. 5500Rs. 990Rs. 6490
6 MonthFreeRs. 90000Rs. 1800Rs. 11800
12 MonthFreeRs. 19000Rs. 3420Rs. 22420

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does bulk SMS work?

CANNY Bulk Sms Software Service is one of the World’s most cost-effective marketing online platforms, which enables you to interact with your customers/audience by just a Click. You can send unlimited SMS in a second.

2. What are the different of type of bulk SMS service available in India?

There are two types of Bulk SMS

  1. Promotional SMS ( Marketing SMS )
  2. Transactional SMS (Non-Marketing SMS) 
3. What about pricing of Bulk SMS? Promotional sms ?

You can refer above page, which gives a package that suits everyone needs

4. Will you provide Demo account to test ?

Yes, We provide Demo account Click here to get the free demo

5. Do you provide White Label SMS Service?

Yes, its possible

6. What type of SMS feature do you provide?

These are few important features of our service 6 chars sender id for Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS Online portal for Bulk SMS Sending Online Delivery Report Excel Plugin for pushing Bulk SMS Address Book and Group Option DND Auto Refund for Promotional SMS Schedule SMS option. Categorised SMS Smart SMS Refer this page for complete list of our sms features

7. Is there a maximum SMS message length?

Yes, 160 characters per SMS. More than that SMS Credit be doubled according to the characters.

8. Do you Provide Postpaid plan ?

No, only prepaid plan available as of now. 

9. What about Payment method?

NEFT/IMPS/Cash deposit/0nline

10. What are the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of our bulk SMS service?

The validity of SMS is One Year Promotional Message sending allowed 9 am to 9 pm. Transactional Message Sending allowed 24 hours Refund of money or exchange of other services not possible.

How We Compare To Our Competitors

SMSPrice Per Credit (P)Saving Using Canny SMSLive Tracking URLFree Missed Call NumberSMS Database
Canny Infotech SMS2.9 P90%Yes
LionSMS4.9 P33%Yes
Quick Star5.5 P48%Yes
PublicityData3.5 P6%No
Ideatech3.3 P12%No
Alertsms.biz4.0 P28%n/a