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#1 Bulk Voice Call Service Provider India

Voice Message is the main revenue source for some operators. it’s miles a brand new short messaging service, which instead of text or pictures makes use of voice for passing the message.With Voice¬†Call you get the freedom of expression (emotions, language, and message duration). Canny Infotech helps you to send these voice messages in the form of audio files, which are sent to the recipients.

There are no investment costs for the operator as the business model is based on revenue share. This service is automatically provisioned to all subscribers and it is hosted by an external partner.

The service is very easy to use for the subscribers compared to that of Bulk SMS. Voice SMS  Services also adds an emotional aspect to messaging.

Voice Call affords convenient and easy to apply messaging options to our customers and has also ended up very famous nowadays.It is useful for sending voice alerts to a group of people as a bulk call facility on your mobile.

How Voice Call Campaign Works?

Bulk Voice Call is pre-recorded voice messages to mobile networks throughout the country.. Voice name permits you to talk together with your clients via calling their cellular/Landphone numbers everywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message thru a fully automated on-line device. Bulk Voice SMS / Voice Calling is a simple communications generation that blasts a recorded voice message to loads or maybe thousands of name recipients in a completely quick time frame. frequently used for network alerts, notifications, in business programs or for promotional purposes.

Voice Calls are the completely automated system, as a result, no operators or dialer is need to the system the call, once the device is about with your pre-recorded message and get in touch with listing through our person pleasant online control panel then our device will begin calling the recipients and plays your pre-recorded voice message. ship your customer’s personalized messages, file their responses and behaviour analysis to discover new enterprise possibilities.

How can integrate VoiceSMS with any business?

You can find our service provider here. Create an account on the dashboard and you can check the pricing based on the services you require.

Why Voice SMS is beneficiary compare to Text SMS?

Voice SMS shall express the content in any language the customer is familiar of . TextSMS is most commonly sent in English which many are not familiar.

How can bulk Voice SMS improve any business?

Idea of Bulk Voice SMS and mailing overcomes the telecalling services which was widely used before. By knowing the targeted audience , the information is broadcasted to a group of customers at a single time in automated audio format especially for recruitment , marketing and customer care solutions and is service easily accessible here.

Also with the IVR functionality , two-way communication can be done by asking feedback or option from the users.

Is there a record and send option?

Yes , it is there. Urgent broadcasts can be sent from anywhere as the office or internet are not required for sending Voice SMS . It can be done by the VoiceSMS service provider by recording voice in a particular dial and schedule it for the group of members.

What are the features of Bulk Voice SMS Services?

  • Voice broadcost of any campaigns, awareness of any new government schemes or any bus bookings and cancellations.
  • A system is designed to call thousands of customers in one go. System dial all the numbers that are added and the message is delivered.
  • Any owner id can be used as a called ID for sending bulk Voice SMS.
  • Messages can be scheduled to send them in the planned timings.
  • Messages can be sent in user preferred language.
  • Any recorded audio can be used.

How to increase sale using bulk Voice Call?

Generally, financial industries promote their products through bulk VoiceSMS service.

This influences the people when they got the message about new product. It helps to increase the sale.

How to increase customer service using bulk VoiceSMS?

With the help of bulk Voice SMS financial instituions can remind their customers of their policies or plans. They can keep their customers updated on compensations , new offers through VoiceSMS. Bulk VoiceSMS service promote the product or services efficiently according to the need of an industry.

How to do decision making using bulk Voice SMS?

Industries has to make important decision like financial , investment with the hepl of bulk Voice SMS service by getting the feedback of customers towards their exiting or new plans .On the basis of client or customer feedback an industry can make vital decision

How to build credibility using bulk Voice SMS?

Any industry can raise their goodwill with the help of bulk messaging , because it takes less time and provide more satisfaction to the customers. It is more cost efficient mode of communication towards customers. This helps to build the credibility of an industry.

How to remove barriers using bulk Voice SMS?

Bulk VoiceSMS provide help to remove barriers in communication. The barriers like organizational barriers , personal barriers , physical barriers create obstacles in marketing activities. With the help of using the bulk VoiceSMS messaging technique these barriers can be controlled.