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We define our solutions methodology on a case by case basis. Each of our solutions is individually designed to encompass the management and distribution of information via SMS, with a user friendly custom designed interface.

SMS Solutions for Schools and Colleges

We provide a cost effective, reliable and secure platform for the education sector to send SMS messages to the parents of students in the event of a crisis or an unexpected change in schedule.SMS Solutions delivered an industrial strength messaging system that enables each school to send messages to all of the parents with a single click.

· With 9 out of 10 mobile users keep their phones switched on 24 hours a day

· And 98% of all text messages read by the recipient

· SMS is clearly the preferred medium for reaching lots of people quickly.

· This is true for teens and young adults more than anyone else. SMS is the most important feature in determining their choice of cell phone.

What used to be achieved by mass email blasts, phone trees and pamphleteer has been made faster, easier and cheaper via SMS. With such a high ‘open’ rate, text messages are viewed by more of their target audience than any other form of mass communication, and their use has sparked a revolution felt across small-town elementary schools and metropolitan of high academia.

Whether it’s an emergency alert or an event reminder, text blasts are the quickest way to inform a large group.

A number of schools have already adopted Bulk SMS as the go-to solution. By using a bulk SMS platform, they can send out one message to all relevant parties instantly. High schools can inform parents directly that their child will be returning home with information from the school regarding things such as:

· Parent/Teacher Meetings

· After School Activities/ Learning

· Absenteeism

· Exams Updates

· Outstanding Fees

· Emergency Alerts

· Closing & Opening Times

· Event Reminders

· Summer Updates

· Sporting Events

· School Trips

· Extra-curricular

How Bulk SMS Software helps Schools and Colleges?

Registration and Admission – Interview Dates of Registration, Confirmation of Admission and Dates of admission.
Fee Alerts – Details of the current fee due , Fee payment Reminders to defaulters and Confirmation of fees paid .
Attendance status of the student result Alerts

Mobile Marketing Solutions

An effective mobile marketing solution can be delivered for less than 10,000 which would include

  • Market Research & Evaluation
  • Key Word and Short Code Set up
  • Advert Design
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Project Management

Online Competitions and Real World Competitions

One of India largest PIZZA franchise operators utilities adverts such as the one below, to generate lists of local mobile numbers for promotions such as 1/2 price 16 inch PIZZA tonight only.

Mobile Internet Design

As the cost browse the internet directly from a mobile phone is ever decreasing, more organizations are realizing the benefit of having their web site customized for mobile access. Depending on the complexity of the current site, our team can deliver a mobile solution for a fraction of the cost of the original site development.


Mobile commerce enables your customers to react immediately to special offer regardless of their proximity to an internet point of access. With mobile Commerce your company can increase sales dramatically by targeting your customers with specific deals customized to their requirements, with an extremely high respose rate. These solutions are priced on application.

Web Site Development

SMS Solutions has delivered successful web site development for a wide range of industries including Pharmaceutical, Travel, Security, and Recruitment. Our Internet Development division has created a range of products directly for these industries. These products cater for information management and distribution in addition to Internet design and web site Marketing.

Features of our Bulk SMS Service:-

1. All India GSM and CDMA coverage. One of the best Bulk SMS Services.
2. Send SMS with your Branded Sender ID from our Online Bulk SMS Program or SMS Excel Plugin.
3. Send SMS using web based system, Excel SMS Plugin, or HTTP API.
4. Instant delivery of messages and online delivery status report.
5. Track the history of bulk sms sent. A very handy information for bulk sms promotions and services.
6. Manage message templates. A very good feature for Bulk SMS Promotion Campaigns.
7. A very good feature for SMS Promotion Campaigns.
8. Easy to integrate and deploy. That’s the power of our Bulk SMS Solutions.
9. Free Phone/Email/Chat Support.
10. No set up costs and no hidden costs