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Increasing awareness of internet among the users and acceptance of ecommerce in India, has given a big boost to the online portals which either revolve around online shopping, electronic fund transfers, discussion forums, social networking, online transaction processing, gaming, etc. With mobile penetration in India increasing day by day, users want to stay connected with their online profiles even when they are offline, get SMS alerts whenever they carry out online as well as offline transactions and stay up-to-date through SMS subscription alerts.
To efficiently manage these changing needs, wants & desires of the Indian consumers, mVaayoo Enterprise 2-way messaging services provides and very good platform for online portals and ecommerce companies to provide technologically advanced and economically feasible SMS services to satisfy & surpass customer needs.


1. Integrate SMS Services in the website to send automated SMS alerts.

2. Allow end user to send message to the portal/application and get the desired response.
3. Send transactional alerts via SMS for successful payment transactions.

4. Promote about the various offers to the targeted customers.

5. Create mobile identity of your company via keyword on shortcode.

6. Launch real time contests, or opinion polls and publish results instantly.

7. Subscription services to visitors to build loyalty.

8. Providing m-Coupons post successful transactions or to regular customers.