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Lead Management Software is a lead tracking and sale conversion application. It is hosted on the cloud server and made available to customers over the Internet as Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model.

It is most beneficial to reception, sales and marketing team of companies. It has immense potential to drive business sales revenue. This software application is a boon to business fraternity. It tracks opportunities and leads identified by business associates, call center team & sales lane to initiate follow-up.



The software captures leads from varied sources. Potential leads may be lost before sales closure due to lack in follow up by sales team. A sale lost is loss of income revenue and waste of marketing expense. The software tracks full sales cycle in real time from lead generation to sales closure. It gauges the leads conversion status. It helps company take wise decisions to instruct the sales team with remedial solutions for profitable sale closures.

The software application is web based. It is easy to use .It can be accessed from anywhere. Training to use it is very easy. It can be easily understood and put to able use by even novice in computers. It is available at a slim monthly service cost.

This software application saves a notable cost spent on local servers, web hardware, software, technology consultants, and maintenance cum datacenter human resource. The application can be setup within a few hours and can be put to work by accessing the browser of a computer with internet connection.

Log of sales activity is maintained with apt feedback from sales team for each lead opening. There is provision to mark follow up reminders and descriptions. Sales team head can track all leads progress till sale closure and assist team with fit guidance. The sales head can assign leads to team.

The software application makes the entire sales process transparent and accountable to company’s management.

E-marketing is the most cost effective form of marketing available today. This software enables Email / SMS marketing campaigns with newsletters, sales announcements, event promotions, surveys and more.

Tracking leads and opportunities is only part of the equation in a successful sales and marketing strategy. These efforts mean little if you don’t have the tools to measure the results.By providing intuitive data mining and reporting tools, our system allows you to quickly analyze your data.  Finds out instantly which leads are being followed up (and which are not).

Determine which campaigns are generating the most qualified leads and closed sales to help pinpoint the most profitable programs. Generate a wide variety of reports, including sales forecasts, and email them to other team members. Create highly targeted lists of decision-makers for seminars, webinars and email campaigns. This software includes Robust Analysis and Reporting.


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