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Today we have email and fax to take over the way people send messages across the world. The role of Courier Services is however, just coming of age.

Speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of services, and committed delivery times, these are the reasons for preference of courier services over ordinary mail services.

As a premium service, couriers are usually more expensive than usual mail services. Some of the world’s largest courier companies are available in India too. There are large number of franchisee outlets, wherein the interaction with the customers is essential for both the company and their outlets.

Enterprise Messaging Services can play a key role in taking orders, package pick-up, keeping track of parcels, rates and discounts etc.

How Bulk SMS Services Helps Couriers and Logistics Industry

Logistics groups can employ SMS messaging services to launch diverse SMS notifications, alerts, reminders, transport details for the orders located. this could help to reduce the price concerned in putting in place consumer care facilities and could make the paintings plenty less difficult. For the transportation branch additionally indicators, commands or updates can be immediately sent to drivers so they deliver merchandise on given time.

Even Bulk SMS offerings can enhance plenty on business communications for each organizations as properly its clients concerned in Courier and Logistics offerings. brief and instantaneous messages can be delivered each time and anywhere to hundreds at huge. one of the only and price effective measures, bulk messaging proves to be gaining recognition the various Courier and Logistics industries.

Movers and Packers, 1/3-birthday party Logistics, Logistics cells of employer commercial enterprise have been using SMS generation to enhance its performance. Chennai business enterprise allows Bulk SMS services to put it on the market, marketplace, communicate and shipping ideal management records system for those Courier and Logistics corporations. We take pride in presenting SMS offerings for purchasing orders, choosing up parcels and applications, notifying track statistics approximately the parcel info and presenting data concerning costs, any reductions offers, new Proposals, enquiries, proposal or facts to our Courier and Logistic clients.

As it is a known fact, Courier and Logistic offerings are time sure offerings, it will become critical for them to delivery their offerings on time. if they do not deliver their services on confident time, they’ll lose out clients, which might also not directly have an effect on their business. With our bulk messaging services, we assist them to deliver their offerings on time while accomplishing better consumer delight stage.


1. Checking Consignment status via SMS.

2. Automated alert to the sender on delivery of the good.

3. Communicating various offers to existing & prospective customers.

4. SMS Based Branch locator.

5. Communicating various value added service to customers like (pick-up facility, etc.)

6. Integrate SMS Services in your existing CRM, ERP or website.

SMS web sites can provide this sort of carrier to courier companies. The gadget generation is simple and only takes an account registration on bulk SMS web sites. Courier groups can ship nearby SMS to India and additionally internationally with SMSC device. you could inquire for exclusive applications and provider features that you could use for effective business tactics. you may also take advantage of the cheapest SMS promos that bulk SMS groups provide away for his or her purchaser’s business consumptions.

but did that you can also use this service at no cost? There are bulk SMS software loose downloadable online. using this software program might not require net connection and it has the identical bulk SMS messaging system as the one you would purchase as bundle.

while you are critical approximately the enterprise, then exploration of different means and generation is automated to improve your service to the human beings and bulk SMS sending is a good generation to apply.