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What is use of SMS Marketing in automobile industry?

In recent times, Automobile Industries have received a lot of hype and competition in their market. With increasing competition and investment in new brands in India, a lot of companies are using a variety of marketing methods to enhance their sale and goodwill in the market. It’s surprising to see that in these times of hike in petrol and diesel prices, people haven’t stopped buying new cars and in fact, the number of cars sold every day is on a significant rise. Enhance your market value with us in this competitive environment with us by using our Bulk SMS For Automobile Industry.

Leading organization of Bulk SMS service supplier within the realm of Bulk SMS Over the years the corporate has consolidated its presence within the market and are providing foremost services to its Automobile corporations and Automobile Dealers clients. Bulk SMS service supplier ar a number one end-to-end mobile information solutions supplier that caters to Automobile corporations and Automobile Dealers. offers various SMS services and alternative text electronic messaging solutions for Automobile corporations and Automobile Dealers, focusing on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. Your business partner for Bulk SMS Asian nation and International (Global SMS). we have a tendency to ar a worldwide player in business texting solutions, Our distinctive bulk sms software package will send SMS directly from stand out plugin. you’ll be able to currently add and take away contacts from your Bulk SMS account.

What are the feature of Bulk SMS for automobile industry?

Build a digital marketing garage with us by sending promotional flyers, including glitzy images of a brand new car launch and automated alerts via our Bulk Messaging Service

Let us remind your customers of the post-purchase service of their vehicle and manage everything from new car launches to test drives using NLET’s Bulk SMS service. Stop depending on call centers and phone service assistance. You can use your own words to customise your message and give it that personal touch you want!

Get your customers to renew the insurance, maintenance contract, pre-book vehicles and extend warranties by sending them discount coupons with a limited-time offer.

Do you own multiple dealerships and franchises?

Let us help you with the management and control of the message’s tone and tenor by locking down templates.

Increase your brand’s visibility and drive more traffic towards your website with us via short links in your SMS promotions. Improve your goodwill in the automobile industry with us, while also keeping track of who is interested in real-time.

Manage all your contacts in our panel, while simultaneously uploading bulk contacts in a user-friendly manner.

What are the ways to generate leads in Bulk SMS marketing?

By causing promotional provide messages concerning new models.

By causing sms on arrival of latest cars and bikes.

By causing free take a look at drive messages.

By causing a advertising sms on targeted information.

What are the ways to handle post sale activities in Bulk SMS marketing ?

Driving tips

Service confirmation alerts

Insurance and RTO reminders

Vehicle service reminders

Festival & different acknowledgement messages

Vehicle maintenance/security tips

Is there any examples available in automobile industry using Bulk SMS marketing ?

A two-way sms provides customers all the connected information that they’re in would like of. Few usages ar listed below.

Customer will book their take a look at drives.

Customer will get specific product/brand details like value, technology, finance possibility, etc.

Customer will notice the closest station.

Customer will fathom the continuing offers.

What all are often achieved in industry victimization SMS?

Login » Compose » Send.

Instant Delivery on Transnational/Opt-in/Marketing Route.

Unlimited Validity.

Low Rates for prime Volume SMS.

Long-code Service supplier.

Profitable Rates for Re sellers.

Premium Support(Phone/Email/SMS)

Excel File transfer.

No Technical Skills needed.

Easy To Use.

Get Delivery Reports of all SMS Campaigns

Manage all of your contacts in specific teams on-line.

Business card: send your contact information within the kind of a card to your contact recipients.

Auto DND Filter on marketing/promotional Route.

Schedule your SMS Campaigns at future date & time.

99% Up-time Guarantee.

What is the role of bulk SMS with automobile companies and dealers?

If you’d attempt to raise individuals an issue, they’d in all probability say that they’re busy.

This is the common excuse that individuals say whenever they’re not out there to try and do one thing that they need to try and do. Still, individuals would still ought to purchase new things.

The appearance of web has created it easier for individuals to buy tiny things like garments and even gadgets on-line however it are often significantly arduous to buy a automotive from an online look.

Bulk SMS will change corporations to achieve dead set completely different who ar in all probability longing for dealers who will facilitate them out with transactions and such.

How will purchasers build use of bulk messages in India?

Since lots of individuals in Republic of India ar busy, it’s not shocking any longer that there ar some WHO cannot even decision the auto company to schedule a take a look at drive.

With the assistance of the SMS entry in Republic of India, bulk messages will change individuals to schedule their take a look at drives with the employment of SMS.

It may also facilitate automobile corporations reach their attainable purchasers, partners within the business and their workers while not the additional prices.

Automobile corporations may also provide tips to their existing customers with the employment of bulk messages Republic of India.

Automobile dealers may also provide reminders to their existing customers concerning their payments and different issues.

How SMS india help for retail business?

Customer Follow up

Increase cutomer walkins

Build cutomer relationships

Future-use coupons

season specials



1. Lead Generation via mobile channel.

2. Customer can book their test drives on SMS Request.

3. SMS Promotion to targeted recipients based on user profile.

4. Cost effective communication with all customers, employees, vendors & channel partners instantly.

5. Facilitate customers to get specific Product/Brand details (Price, Technology, Finance Option, Colors, Availability, etc.) via pull SMS

6. Information broadcast to customers on new product launch.

7. SMS Contest, Game or Quiz around a product to build publicity & increase customer interaction with Brand.

8. Vehicle Maintenance/Security Tips to existing customers.

9. SMS Based Service Center Locator.