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Hotels and Resorts are a part of the multi-billion Hospitality Industry, which also includes other categories like tourism, amusement etc. Like many other segments in India, Hotels and Resorts are also booming at an exceptional pace. With the invasion from major foreign players, the industry is heading towards a new age.

With speed as the new-age mantra, opportunities to link up with the customers, both existing and prospective, are many. We have also seen a big shift in the business sector, with meetings and conferences vying for exotic locations.

Enterprise Messaging Services opens new avenues. The information about new rates, new menus, special programmes, discounts, facilities and food festivals can reach the audience in a jiffy.


1. Advertise special offers (Like Buffet Dinner for 2 @ Rs. 300/- only) to the targeted customers.

2. Advertise seasonal discounts via SMS.

3. Communicate customers regarding Happy Hours (If Any).

4. SMS based Restaurant Locator.

5. Promote special facilities like Currency exchange, Baby Sitting, Airport Pick & Drop, 24×7 Doctor.

6. Advertise various Packages like Marriage Receptions, Birthday parties, Cocktail Parties, etc.

7. Advertise various events like DJ Night, Shaam-E-Ghazal, Sea Food Festival, etc.

8. Integrate SMS Alerts in your website for registration confirmation or post monetary transaction (If online booking available)

9. Create database of potential users (City-wise, Profile-wise)

10. Launch SMS Contests, Games or Quiz around any Event to build publicity and increase customer interaction.

11. Collect feedback via from the customers on SMS 2-way facility.