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Bulk SMS Marketing For Your Business

Text Message offers a broad range of reporting features that enable the marketing campaigns.Text messaging boasts 10X the open rate of email marketing!We believe an SMS Advertising service should be easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to customize, which is why we make launching a custom SMS  campaign fun, inexpensive, and fast. With EZ Texting, your marketing team can send bulk SMS campaigns in the United States and Canada for low cost and no hassle.

SMS Broadcasting/Marketing

Text message can be sent to multiple mobile devices simultaneously through SMS Broadcasting/Marketing. This service can prove to be beneficial to you in launching your product, services, informing your clients about an event, promotion, sale, discount etc.

SMS Consultancy

In the wider field of mobile marketing, SMART CALL is constantly breaking new grounds with technical innovations in text messaging.

What is Text Message Marketing in Restaurants?

Wouldn’t it’s nice if you’ll let your best customers understand Associate in Nursing un-advertised dinner deal, special, or second dinner reservation opening? moreover, what if you’ll embrace an image of one thing tasty to wet their whistles? Well you can! With SlickText, you’ll simply send text promoting & MMS marketing messages to your patrons with the press of a button.

What is Mass Texting For Schools?

With folks as busy as they’re nowadays, keeping folks within the loop on events, date changes, and cancellations is difficult work! they do not often check their email, phone broadcast systems square measure intrusive, not as fast and rather expensive . Mass text messaging is the new alternative! SlickText makes act to lots of or thousands of student’s folks a snap!

What is Text Messaging For Ministries & Churches?

Hundreds of churches have already discovered the facility of SlickText! Text electronic communication for churches & ministries enhances communication to the congregation like ne’er before. you’ll send  prayer chain requests, sacred messages,donation requests,event reminders, pictures, cancellation notifications and more!

What is SMS for Faith-Based Engagement?

Your congregants lead busy lives, and capturing their attention — getting heard through all that “noise” — is increasingly difficult. Whether you’re seeking volunteers for an event or requesting donations for a family in need, your messages won’t yield results if they go unnoticed. Email winds up in SPAM folders, direct mail is expensive and environmentally unfriendly, and phone calls are time-consuming. Your messages are important and your community members want to receive them; you need to find a communications channel that reaches them wherever they are. Text-based outreach solve these problems.

Classifieds Add Automation

Paper communication costs are significant in many industries. By sending SMS Receipts, the automating of communication is processed and SMS slashes communication costs by replacing paper and phone calls.

  • SMS Profile Posting
  • SMS Car Sale
  • SMS Property Sale
  • SMS Campaign
Acknowledgment messages

You can now send acknowledgement messages to all your clients simultaneously and let them view it at their convenience. This will greatly add value to customer service.

Customer Interaction

By taking feedback, responding to queries efficiently and giving latest updates to your customers can improve the business relationships and foster complete customer satisfaction.

Internal Communication

Mobile messaging allows you to get immediate attention of your employees and avail the benefits of faster and effective communication.

Bulk SMS Gateway API

Send and receive Text messages from your website or an application. HTTP & SMPP interface is available

Why SMS Texting for Enterprise?

The purpose SMS texting for business works so properly is that ninety eight{5932a1c68d17269b7ed3f6ace6a3588209b6ad9c9a352f520e05ffc5c3c8aee8} of the populace has a mobile phone that may get hold of an SMS. even though small commercial enterprise marketing software exists for smartphones, most effective 68{5932a1c68d17269b7ed3f6ace6a3588209b6ad9c9a352f520e05ffc5c3c8aee8} of the populace has get entry to to an internet-enabled device on which such services work. consequently, if you run a small business texting campaign solely for net customers, you are removing 30{5932a1c68d17269b7ed3f6ace6a3588209b6ad9c9a352f520e05ffc5c3c8aee8} of your capacity customers.

It isn’t most effective the attain of Bulk SMS Services   that makes texting for business so powerful. ninety four{5932a1c68d17269b7ed3f6ace6a3588209b6ad9c9a352f520e05ffc5c3c8aee8} of SMS text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt, in comparison to an email open rate of simply 22{5932a1c68d17269b7ed3f6ace6a3588209b6ad9c9a352f520e05ffc5c3c8aee8}. commercial enterprise SMS Advertising and marketing plays four to 5 instances better than on line advertising and marketing for creating logo consciousness and growing buying motive, and – while connected to texting campaigns for enterprise SMS – coupons have a redemption price up to eight instances higher than coupons attached to electronic mail.

A way to growth Engagement with Small enterprise Texting:

It has already been noted that coupons are a extraordinary way to draw clients for your enterprise and increase sales but, further to assisting build a customer database, a text message carrier for small business also can assist maintain clients. by using frequently texting unique gives and promotions, text message marketing for small business can encourage clients to return in your enterprise time and time once more. And as your customers´ loyalty develops, they may introduce new customers in your business.

Any other way to growth engagement with SMS Advertising and marketing for small commercial enterprise is through polls. humans love to express their critiques, and a poll asking them – as an instance – what their favorite donut is, is an instance of small enterprise texting marketing campaign that could generate a whole lot of engagement. it is also an instance of small enterprise texting that could be shared among friends, households and co-workers, who could then ship their own replies and be opted in to obtain your future enterprise SMS advertising and marketing messages.