Canny Infotech SMS Gateway is very reliable, fast and a low cost mobile messaging service. Coverage to all operators in India has been provided by our Internet to SMS gateway. A “gatewayâ€Â� has been created by our SMS gateway functions between the GSM network and the Internet, which provides Internet information to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging.

Canny Infotech uses a tool known as ADV+PRO 1.0, which handles Business Bulk SMS. This can be used for text messaging to remind clients or patients of appointments or can also be used to promote special events or offers. This method has been used by many companies including recruitment agencies, doctors, surgeons, video rental outlets, advertisers and nightclubs.
ADV+PRO bulk SMS software offers wide range of bulk text messaging solutions such as:

  • Stock and Commodity Market
  • Automobile Industries
  • Tours and Travel Industries
  • News and Print Medias
  • Advertisement Medias
  • Entertainment Industries
  • Multiplex Theaters
  • Insurance Co.,
  • Product Branding / Launching
  • Event Promotions
  • Market Research & Feedback
  • Welfare Clubs
  • Financial Institution and Educational Institutes,
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Trading Houses
  • Hotel Industries
  • Garment Industries and Logistics