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SMS For Your Business

SMS Broadcasting/Marketing

Text message can be sent to multiple mobile devices simultaneously through SMS Broadcasting/Marketing. This service can prove to be beneficial to you in launching your product, services, informing your clients about an event, promotion, sale, discount etc.

SMS Consultancy

In the wider field of mobile marketing, SMART CALL is constantly breaking new grounds with technical innovations in text messaging.

Classifieds Add Automation

Paper communication costs are significant in many industries. By sending SMS Receipts, the automating of communication is processed and SMS slashes communication costs by replacing paper and phone calls.

  • SMS Profile Posting
  • SMS Car Sale
  • SMS Property Sale
  • SMS Campaign
Acknowledgment messages

You can now send acknowledgement messages to all your clients simultaneously and let them view it at their convenience. This will greatly add value to customer service.

Customer Interaction

By taking feedback, responding to queries efficiently and giving latest updates to your customers can improve the business relationships and foster complete customer satisfaction.

Internal Communication

The call of the day is ‘INSTANT ACTION’! Mobile messaging allows you to get immediate attention of your employees and avail the benefits of faster and effective communication.