Bulk SMS Gateway API Services

Bulk SMS Gateway API

Businesses today need to be connected in a way that is quick, easy, secure and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Canny Infotech can provide for your messaging needs in a way that keeps you connected around the corner or around the world.

Need a Simple SMS Gateway?

Canny Infotech provides you with quick and clean SMS API. Simple SMS Gateway connectivity and applications are our forte’.
The application programming interface that you’ll find from Canny Infotech is quick, easy, and best of all, reliable. You’ll get all the advantages of an SMS API with direct connectivity to the global gateways of Canny Infotech. 

Our API integration brings you and your company immediate ability to multicast messaging and provides for integration with any front end system or legacy system with which you’d like to connect.


One of the simplest and easiest methods of communication available, http api connectivity from Canny Infotech allows you to get connected and stay connected to the rest of the wireless world. If you’re in need of the means to send SMS to your employees or staff, you want to connect with a user database across the country or around the globe, SMS api and Canny Infotech delivers the means to accomplish that.

High Speed Bulk SMPP SMS API

Bulk group messaging using SMS API provides for full communication with everyone that you need to speak with. It supports the delivery of a high volume of SMS messages to the SMSC. Canny Infotech provides for this type of messaging in flash unicode. You can send messages of any character or word length. More than one message can be compiled on your phone as just one long message, making it easier to read and easier to keep track of. Unicode is used over this API to send long messages in Arabic for the convenience of your customers.

When you need clean, uninterrupted, cost-effective messaging available to you at any time. Canny Infotech delivers the SMS API that will make it happen.

How Our Bulk SMS Gateway API Portal Works…

API integration is an easy approach utilized by thousands and thousands of companies day by day, on a global scale. It’s designed to assist enhance business efficiencies and communique workflow.

We make sending bulk SMS smooth, via letting you connect your inner software or CRM directly into the Canny Infotech SMS gateway the use of one in every of our off-the-shelf API’s. Connecting via an API helps you to send SMS messages as you would within our MXT platform, however from the comfort of your personal software. Following the success shipping of your message, a receipt will be forwarded to you. From beginning to finish this manner takes place in be counted in seconds, saving you sizeable time and assets within the manner.

All your accounts consist of a dynamic API Key system, allowing you to fast and without difficulty create and edit new consumer credentials to ship via our suite of API’s. in case your software is already cellular messaging well matched, without a doubt retrieve your Canny Infotech API Key from inner your account and insert it into your software to begin sending. in case you’re a developer looking to upload SMS capability to a new software or application you’re working on, experience free to browse our API documentation and code samples.