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Customers are always looking for the best deal and you need your dealership to be the primary port-of-consider when the procedure of opportunity arrives to make that buy. SMS marketing is ideal for car businesses since its ease can be perfectly incorporated into different deals strategies and can give unmistakable outcomes.

SMS Marketing is a worth way of communicating with your customers. It allows you to achieve your target audience, maintains your database, and automate your promotions, enabling your car dealership to send updating offers.


Bring more customers and develop your business with our realistic SMS templates.

First SMS Intro To Customers Template


Thanks for your interest in the [CAR MAKE AND MODEL]. It is really one of the best cars in our company.

I am happy to inform you about some of the best features for your selecting model. Are there any inquiry about [CAR MAKE AND MODEL] ] that I can answer for you?

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Feel free to ask your questions and let me know for any help or you can contact me directly at [xxx (xxx)-xxxx]

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


About: Regardless of whether the first SMS is sent to inform request, the secret to your first contact is keeping it well friendly, welcoming.




How’s your [CAR MAKE AND MODEL] running? It looks like it’s about time for a service according to our system, so I need to check in and make sure everything is still running smoothly.

I am here to help you, if you feel any noise coming from your [CAR MAKE AND MODEL] or couldn’t handling, let me know! Car maintenance is the cheapest way of preventing better

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You can give me a call at [(XXX) XXX-XXXX] Looking forward to hearing from you!

About: This is the perfect time to mention your service coupons, car service and to check on how the car (and customer) is doing in general.


Thank you so much for [CAR MAKE AND MODEL] purchase.

If there are any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Feel free to reach out via SMS or call me anytime at [(XXX) XXX-XXXX]. And just as a reminder, [INSERT ANY SALE COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE OPTIONS INCLUDED (i.e. free oil changes in the first year, free service, etc.)].

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Thanks again [CUSTOMER NAME] and enjoy your brand new [CAR MAKE AND MODEL]!

About: This sms, in particular, is more important since customer retention is one of the top concerns for 74% of dealers. And this way of SMS, you have got a return customer for life.


Happy birthday [CUSTOMER NAME]!

We at [DEALERSHIP NAME] wishing you the best on your special day and let you know we’re so thankful for being your car dealership of choice.

[INCLUDE ANY BIRTHDAY OFFERS (e.g. free oil change, discounted tune-up).]

It’s your special day so don’t forget to treat yourself!

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We offer the discount on your birthday, don’t miss the opportunity, catch all the offers.

About:  “Happy Birthday” SMS is a great excuse to help keep your dealership at the top of your customer’s mind.


We have collected some of the quick tips and tricks that our Car Dealer customers have curious to see their service kick into sixth gear!


SMS enable you to effortlessly deal with repeated work that might slow down your excellent service. You can send SMS reminders for planned test drives with the goal that you don’t have a sales rep pausing, or you can send installment updates so you keep your gas tanks full.

 Better Auto Auctions

Car Auction is increasingly more common nowadays. With the use of SMS, you can easily promote your auctions to your customers and be certain they are seeing your messages. You can go above and beyond and set up mobile keywords that customers can message in, allowing you to save their information dependent on what sort of sale they are interested in. At that point, you can send an instant message to those customers with relevant updates about the auction.


Looking to promote your vacation sales or move your dealer overstock? SMS is basically the most ideal approach to promote your upcoming deals. SMS marketing enables you to easily message customers who are interested in new models and pre-order deals.

Customers that might peruse may look out for deals, and instant SMS are the most ideal route for dealerships to connect with customized offers to those customers. The majority of this implies you will get cost-effective and promoting to the customers well on the way to change over to deals, enabling you to get more individuals in the entryway and help you close more deals!


There are many approaches to apply SMS marketing at your car dealership. This is what some car promoting specialists have been doing to join instant SMS.

1. Text for Price

In case you’re a car dealer who doesn’t promote pricing straightforwardly on every vehicle, SMS marketing could be only the correct method to increase a number for your marketing list and additional buyer interest for your vehicle. Spot a sticker on the car saying, ‘For rates on this vehicle content ‘Honda vehicle’ to 32595.

This is a progressively dynamic method for people who are interested in your cars. Somebody who peruses the cost of a car on the lot may never be in contact with you. Be that as it may, in the event that they text you, at that point, you have a chance to connect with them about what they’re searching for in a car and how you can enable them to discover it.

2. Customized Car care tips

After a person buys a car from your dealership why not help them to expand the lifetime of their vehicle by sending car care tips by SMS marketing? Instead of giving general tips, talk to the people working in your administration inlet to think of custom tips for each make and model of car. You can use two-way SMS to respond to any car care enwuiry that emerge, guaranteeing you keep up a close relationship with your customers so they’ll pick you when it’s a great opportunity to locate another new car.

You can also schedule to reminders to let know customers when to get an oil change or that you’re available  to help service their cars. The more kind and helpful you are, the better.

3. Specials and Incentives

At the point when a person is ready to purchase a car nothing can pursued after them to feel free to buy superior to anything a decent cost or motivation on the car they need. Make a sales event and send special offers explicitly to your SMS list. One incentive that many dealerships are utilizing nowadays is one that includes occasion advancements with free turkeys for test drives. You can tweak this during the time dependent on what season it is so. Think pumpkins for Halloween, hams for Easter a s’mores pack for the mid year — you get the image, simply be inventive.

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