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Canny Infotech – Reliable Messaging Services India

Looking for practical and affordable Bulk SMS Marketing Services? Trying to find the most reliable Messaging Gateway? Canny Infotech has messaging modules that correspond to the needs of startups, small companies and large corporations alike. Our customers get a comprehensive range of messaging solutions – SMS API Integration , Bulk SMS Services, SMS alerts, Voice Communication and opportunities to become an SMS Reseller among many others.

Transactional and Promotional SMS Services

We offer some of the most reliable Messaging Services in India. Over the past seven years, we’ve been assisting companies with their mobile marketing needs and transactional SMS requirements.Bulk SMS is a great opportunity to grow your business. It enables you to reach millions of interested prospects and turn them into customers. SMS Advertising is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient opportunities for getting your message across. As SMS Testing providers that have years of experience in the field, we enable our customers to send unlimited messages for marketing purposes. Transactional SMS possibilities exist, as well, enabling businesses to facilitate their interactions with clients and embrace one of the most practical technological trends.

Why Canny Infotech?

We’re a reputable Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai that has validated its reliability over the years. we have installedlongtime period relationships with a couple of company clients because of the provider exceptional, attentionto detail and excellent customer service furnished through our group. Our infrastructure is based totally on current and dependable hardware. This reality allows us to present customers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. We understand that each gradual down or glitch causes your commercial enterprise to lose cash. hence, we’re completelydedicated to providing you with answers which are accessible and absolutelypractical all the time. Are you looking for the most reliable Messaging offerings? supply us a name nowadays to describe the desires of your business and we’ll give you a customized answer with a view to be simply right for you. years. We have established long-term relationships with multiple corporate clients because of the service quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service provided by our team. Our infrastructure is based on modern and reliable hardware. This fact enables us to give clients a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. We know that every slow down or glitch causes your business to lose money. Thus, we’re fully-committed. giving you solutions that are accessible and fully-functional all the time. Are you looking for the most reliable Messaging Services? Give us a Call Today to describe the needs of your business and we’ll come up with a personalized solution that will be just right for you.

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