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IVR stands for Interactive voice response, which is a technology that allows a computer to detect voice and keypad inputs. IVR has been introduced in automobile systems for hands-free operation, but this technology is also used extensively in telecommunication. Satellite navigation, audio and mobile systems are the technologies around which the current exploitation in automobiles revolves.

To further direct the users on how to precede with the IVR systems responds with pre-recorded or enthusiastically generated audio. To control almost any functions where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple menu choices can be done through IVR systems. Current support lines, IVR systems generally scale are well to handle large call volumes in telecommunications applications.
IVR has become very common in industries that have recently entered the telecom industry. The two terms Automated Attendant and IVR both have different meanings according to the telecom profession. The IVR is often used by the emerging telephony and VoIP professionals as a grab to signify any kind of telephony menu, even a basic automated attendant.