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Why Canny SMS Solutions

    • Canny Infotech is the world’s largest mobile transaction network: we maintain connections to more then 500 mobile operators in 180+ countries through our carrier-grade network
    • High Quality of Service: Canny Infotech is a provider of high quality Mobile Value Added Services. Canny Infotech offers a high level of redundancy of servers with load balancing, fail-over mechanism and least cost routing through a messaging platform deployed in three continents in three different IP backbones.
    • Focus: CannyInfotech is focused on B2B mobile applications and providing end-to-end SMS services to enterprise customers.
    • Product-driven: Canny Infotech has advanced messaging products. These products can be deployed as client applications enabling easy integration with varied and complex IT back-end systems for automated and scheduled messaging.
    • Cost-effective: As Canny Infotech provides cost effective solution via our huge networks

by customer interaction globally.